i volunteered my help to a wonderful charity called northampton street chaplin and project 16:15 to create an order of service for a funeral booklet for George who was a very well known man who was without a home.
i reached out to my local eco group who aim to improve the town’s environment and to reduce their carbon footprint. they were in need of a banner for their facebook group, there was no brand design so I had free reign
 over the design and slogan.
wellingborough dog squad is a local voluntary group who help re-unite owners with missing dogs and promote responsible dog ownership were looking for a new logo for their facebook page. i created one for their facebook group banner and another that can be placed on flyers, tshirts and stickers.
i reached out to cransley hospice in hopes of illustrating in their monthly newsletter - i created a double page spread in their seasonal newsletter to promote their tea room and charity shop in kettering.

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